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  • There is no doubt that purchasing and investing in young, unraced horses - be they foals, yearlings or two-year-olds carries a high level of risk in the bloodstock market. However with that risk comes the opportunity for very substantial returns, by being prepared to swim against the tide of obvious Groupthink - with the right portfolio and profile of horses.

If you are not driven by fashion there are fantastic opportunities at the sales. As an owner, all the big races around the world - Group races and handicaps - are over middle distances and beyond.

Patient buyers / owners, happy to sell at the right time, have the potential for massive rewards.


  1. At the annual Yearling and Breeze Ups sales around Europe, we will aim to buy classically-bred staying horses - bought to improve with age.

  2. Horses will be selected with the emphasis on future potential and resale value rather than short-term, cheap speed. This will give investors the best chance to be rewarded in the long-run, as we always aim to maximise exit points.

  3. This portfolio of bloodstock is bought to optimise results, fun and returns - sourcing the right horses at the right prices and knowing when to sell.

  4. Overseen by shrewd professional investors, who make a living backing the right horses, and with a proven track record of achieving results in all aspects of racing.

  5. Minimising risk - maximising potential growth.

  6. Shareholders fully supported with exclusive information and advice to achieve the most profitable strategy from their horses.

  7. Owners receive their share of prizemoney and return on the sale of all bloodstock, along with fully audited year end management accounts.

  8. Owners kept fully informed of the progress of their portfolio with the highest levels of personal service.

  9. We back our own judgement and invest our own money in all purchases.

  10. All expenses included - training, entry fees, vets, insurance, race day and associated costs.

If you have a decent 3yo sprinter rated 85-90 he's worth £30-40k, but if you have a progressive 3yo rated the same over 10-12f he's worth £300,000.


  1. NO CONFLICTS of interest with bloodstock agents acting for multiple clients.

  2. TOTAL EXCLUSIVITY in the services of the facilitators.

  3. Tapping into 40+ years of contacts, experience and know how.

  4. Plenty of fun and action - with a focus on the betting angle and race opinions / views.

  5. No admin or hassle. We are the enablers / facilitators.

  6. Bloodstock purchased will range from horses who will naturally improve with age / trip once at a higher level of competition, racing for prizemoney and / or lined up to be sold for a profit.

  7. Innovative yet proven vehicle which spreads risk / reward and engagement, offering the best value for money.

  8. No potential disappointment re not being involved in every horse in the portfolio, by having to select individual shares. 







...yearlings & breeze-ups

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